Rewarding thankworthy entrepreneurs in Hungary

"We believe that leaders with ethical, sustainable and creative behaviours will shape a better world. This is why we want to reward them with You..."

Alessandro Farina
ITL Group

Our believe: an E.S.C. approach

ESC is the button of the keyboard we use to manifest our life.
stands for Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity
We believe we need to "press" the ESC button to Escape mediocrity and the status quo, to Start thinking out of the box and to Create a better world.

We want to inspire entrepreneurs to be leaders driven by Ethical, Sustainable and Creative approaches. 
We want to reward those entrepreneurs who are shaping a better world.



Leading business with integrity, driven by passion for entrepreneurship, love for challenges, care about employees, partners and customers 
to inspire people and shape a better world.



We all share the same world. Being accountable for the impact of his/her company for a leader is the key to inspire positive change for a sustainable future. 



Starting from a dream, combining intuition and vision into actions. A creative innovator will shape our future thanks to his/her courage and deep awareness.


The Atlas Award is intended to give the public recognition to Hungary-based entrepreneurs at the service of society. 
The award will be handed over to those who have been judged worthy of being recognized for mastery and ethical, sustainable and creative approaches by the society itself throughout an open vote. 
This is why we invite you to read our believe and nominate your candidate.

Applications can be submitted by everyone within the deadline (28th May 2019), you can endorse only one entrepreneur. Afterwards a qualified jury will verify the requirements and identify the winner of the year between the highest-ranking entrepreneurs nominated.

The prize, a unique masterpiece designed by a wellknown international artist, will be awarded during the Budapest Business Party 2019 (7th June) organized by ITL Group. The jury will contact the winner for inviting him/her to pick up personally the prize during the official award ceremony.

Please for further information contact us at:

The art behind the Award, by Marco Veronese

The Award
The Atlas Award 2019

First rendering of the award under construction...

When Alessandro Farina asked me to artistically interpret the concepts of ethics, sustainability and creativity, which are the cornerstones of his corporate and human philosophy, I immediately realized how deeply these three words belonged to me. They are the basis of the creative process of my paintings, of my sculptures and installations of CrackingArt group, of which I am one of the founders.

My works have always been the result of a mix between classical aesthetics and modernity with regards to the use of materials.

The idea

Starting from these considerations, I imagined creating a common thread between past and present, between myth and art. That's why I had the idea of ​​giving birth to a hybrid sculpture in which Atlante and the Vitruvian man are blend together.

Atlante, the Titan of Greek mythology supports the world with its strength, while the Vitruvian man, famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci, is the fruit of the search for harmony and beauty in the human body and it shows the influence of the "De Architectura", an important treatise by the architect Marco Vitruvio Pollione, active in Rome in the second half of the first century B.C.

I immediately realized how deeply these three words belonged to me... Only by acknowledging that each of us is unique, extraordinary and unrepeatable, we can find the strength to redesign the map of humanity.


Ethics is the basis for the coexistence based on respect, trust, awareness and sharing, represented here by the transparency of the sculpture's character.


Sustainability is increasingly used in reference to an economic development that takes into consideration the safeguarding of the planet, or Gaia, as the scientist James Lovelock christened it in 1979, defining it for the first time as a living organism in all respects, and as such to be respected and protected.


Creativity, combined with passion, is the driving force to create new projects in any field. Creativity is the instinctive need of the human being to find new feasible ways to turn their dreams into reality (represented here by the union of the two characters).

To these three words I have added a fourth one...


Love, specifically towards the country that hosts us, and it is underlined by a detail that most probably would escape, on the globe the heart line of the statue crosses Hungary.

Marco Veronese

Only by acknowledging that each of us is unique, extraordinary and unrepeatable, we can find the strength to redesign the map of humanity.

Only by drawing from the past we will be able to build a present of which we will not have to regret in the future. And it is only with a clear vision that our body will lead us to that future.

Marco Veronese

About Marco Veronese:
Life and art

Realized in cooperation with OMS BESSER GROUP

Oms Besser Group


...and in cooperation with

Silvia Merighi Managing director MSP Group

"A second life for a better world"

As an international recyclable plastics broker with agents worldwide, I believe that plastics and polymer recycling is good for business and good for the planet and that companies should care about the world we live in
This is why MSP Group is proud to support
the first edition of the Atlas Award.
Silvia Merighi, Founder of MSP Group

Silvia Merighi, Founder of MSP Group

Good intentions and good business can go hand and hand, with the MSP Group, they do."

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Atlas Award: inspired by

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