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All our work is founded on the concept of trust

Since 1995, we’ve been turning your ideas into projects, your projects into companies, and your companies into success stories. Over the years, we’ve come to face many different scenarios; these were responsible for our current strengths and experience.
As of today, you too can benefit from the guidance of our experts, who’ll always find the ideal solution for you. We’ve also developed a wide array of personal services to ensure your stay in Hungary is as smooth and safe as possible. Let us take care of all your problems and doubts! It’s what we do best.

Sheila Moriconi

Born in Livorno, Italy, MBA in Economics and a Master degree in Controlling and Finance Management from University of Pisa, she started her career working for a leading Italian company in the Auditing, Finance and Payrolls department. After enhancing her studies with a specialization in “Understanding Financial Statement” from Harvard, she moved to Budapest to enlarge and differentiate her experience working with companies of different fields. Since 2005 she is controller of ITL Group. Recently she launched the first info desk in Hungary for Italian pensioners.

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    Company establishment
    Translation and interpreting
    Temporary management


    Tax return
    Residency permit
    Pension assistance


    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Due diligence
    Value evaluation
    Corporate consultancy


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