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Forewarned is forearmed

First things first: coffee. The morning newspaper is the next essential step for every entrepreneur. Up-to-date information is essential for long-term corporate planning, and has become the main Italian portal on the Hungarian economy. It’s also the go-to resource for updates on fiscal and legal matters as well as the Italian economy in Hungary. Moreover, the portal contains numerous useful consultancy tools for entrepreneurs and can be accessed via the main social media channels. is an ITL Marketing product.

Claudia Leporatti

Born in Firenze, Italy, in 1987, she moved to Hungary in 2008 for the launch of, the online magazine of ITL Group. She has a degree in Media and Journalism obtained from the University of Studies of Firenze in 2009 after studying also at Budapest College of Communication and Business. Enlisted in the Professional Register of Journalists since 2012, she has gained experience in multiple communication agencies and newsrooms in Italy (Radio Toscana, Fashion Magazine, East Journal). In 2013 she completed the 1st Master in “Economic and Financial Journalism and Multimedia Communication” at il Sole 24 Ore Business School, in Milan. In Hungary she’s a member of the Hungarian International Press Association and she often assists Italian tv crews as fixer.

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