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Boom! Bursting with creativity! Creativity, strategy, and a pinch of madness...

If you want your message to stand out it has to speak to the heart. The perfect recipe to obtain the desired result? Pour plenty of creativity, stir in some strategy, whisk vigorously, throw in a pinch of madness for good measure, and voila! Dithering on graphics and semantics is useless unless you also arouse your audience’s emotions. Forget all you know... and we’ll show you a whole new world!

Luigino Bottega

Born in Italy in 1967, in 1984 he founded his state-of-art communication company which developed innovative solutions for commercials and online communities. Moved to Budapest in 2000, he launched his own event network of companies and joined ITL Group in 2003 setting the birth of ITL Marketing. As the head of Marketing for the consultancy firm, he signed successful projects such as the online magazine and the yearly event Budapest Business Party. Creator of the first web communities ever invented in Italy, he was several times awarded and nominated with the Oscar of the web "Il Premio WWW" by the leading Italian economic newspaper "IlSole 24Ore”.

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    Communication strategies
    Partner and market research
    Event planning
    Website development
    Social media marketing

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