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Laying the foundations of your business can be extremely hard… but it becomes easier if you allow someone to help you. Your company may be eligible for European Union financial aid and concessions which will streamline your investment.Every year, a growing number of companies reap the fruits of their labour also thanks to these financial instruments. Let us guide you in the complex world of financial concessions and banking systems. We’ll be happy to find the ideal resources and structure your action plan. What are you waiting for?

Barbara Ács

Born in Budapest in 1973, in 2001 she graduated in Event and Cultural Management, PR and Non Profit from Berzsenyi Daniel University of Szombathely. For several years she organized trainings and conferences for a leading Italian company in Hungary in the energy and transport sector. In 2002 she established within ITL Group the non profit organization Kopernikusz, dedicated to develop special life-long learning programs, to the management of EU tenders and bank relations for large and SME companies. Grown into an actual division of ITL Group, under her guidance the organization was renamed ITL EU Finance. Active part in numerous European projects involving vocational training and equal opportunities, she has developed her skills also in online marketing and social media management.

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    Project management
    European Union tenders
    Financial concessions consultancy
    Private and public funds research

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