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We’ll draft a safe and transparent company roadmap based on your needs.Italian excellency represented by ITL Accounting meets outstanding Hungarian numeracy skills and professional expertise. Our accountants are always up-to-date with the latest legislation: every year, they take part in top CPD and specialisation courses. Our E-Accounting platform also gives clients real-time access to their bookkeeping: all data available at the touch of a button! For instant and vital access to reliable and up-to-date information.

Veronika Lázár

Born in Budapest in 1978, she has built nearly 10 years of experience as head of accountancy. After working several years as head of finance for a national luxury brand and additional 8 years in accountancy, in 2013 she joined ITL Group, where she is responsible for one of the two teams of accountants that currently follow around 110 clients. She speaks Hungarian, English and Italian, and she's currently deepening her knowledge in IFRS.

Anikó Molnár

Born in Hungary in 1978, she studied Economics and Financial Administration. In 1998 she obtained her diploma in Accounting from József Attila University of Szeged, majoring in Business. She also studied Professional Management. She built up her experience in different accountancy firms in Budapest until in 2003 she became a registered accountant. In the following years she covered positions of growing responsibilities until she became Chief Accountant and joined ITL Group, in 2012. Within ITL Accounting she leads one of the two teams of accountants that assist around 110 clients.

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    Financial report and financial analysis
    Bookkeeping (insource & outsource)
    E-Accounting 24/7 access
    Management control
    Payroll records
    Direct and indirect tax returns

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