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ITL Team counts almost 50 professionals, fluent in different languages and at your service. Let us introduce you to our Head of Departments.

Dewey Hall


Born in Verona, Italy, in 1967, graduated in Economics and Business. Since 1992 he moved to Hungary.
He started his professional career in Budapest, at a well known English consulting company, assisting foreign investors and two years later he became partner.
In 1995 he established ITL Group, one stop-shop consulting company, assisting a large numbers of investors to Hungary.
Often invited by Institutions, Banks, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and Newspapers, bringing his experience, competence and analyses regarding the Hungarian – Italian Relations. Beside Italian, he is fluent in English, German and Hungarian. He participates actively in several Associations and Clubs.
Awarded by the "Paul Harris Fellow" by Rotary International and by the title of "Officer of the Order of Merit" by the President of the Italian Republic for his role in stimulating economic and business exchanges between Hungary and Italy.

Dewey Hall

Barbara Ács EU Finance Head of Department

Born in Budapest in 1973, in 2001 she graduated in Event and Cultural Management, PR and Non Profit from Berzsenyi Daniel University of Szombathely. For several years she organized trainings and conferences for a leading Italian company in Hungary in the energy and transport sector. In 2002 she established within ITL Group the non profit organization Kopernikusz, dedicated to develop special life-long learning programs, to the management of EU tenders and bank relations for large and SME companies. Grown into an actual division of ITL Group, under her guidance the organization was renamed ITL EU Finance. Active part in numerous European projects involving vocational training and equal opportunities, she has developed her skills also in online marketing and social media management

Dewey Hall

SHEILA MORICONI ITL Consulting Head of Department

Born in Livorno, Italy, MBA in Economics and a Master degree in Controlling and Finance Management from University of Pisa, she started her career working for a leading Italian company in the Auditing, Finance and Payrolls department. After enhancing her studies with a specialization in “Understanding Financial Statement” from Harvard, she moved to Budapest to enlarge and differentiate her experience working with companies of different fields. Since 2005 she is controller of ITL Group. Recently she launched the first info desk in Hungary for Italian pensioners

Dewey Hall

DORA Szeles ITL Audit Head of Department

Born in Budapest, she obtained a degree in Economics from Corvinus University and continued her learning with a complementary degree in Law from ELTE, two of the most prestigious universities in Hungary. Nourishing an early interest for Italian language, she developed her language skills with a long internship in Italy and continued to assist Italian companies ever since. Specialized in audit and transfer prices, since 2001 she is working as auditor for different companies from the manufacturing, trading and service sectors. In 2010 she joined ITL Group founding her own department, ITL Audit. Since then she is providing audits and transfer pricing services to a growing number of international Clients

Dewey Hall

Veronika Lázár  ITL Accounting Head of Department Team 2

Born in Budapest in 1978, she has built nearly 10 years of experience as head of accountancy.
After working several years as head of finance for a national luxury brand and additional 8 years in accountancy, in 2013 she joined ITL Group, where she is responsible for one of the two teams of accountants that currently follow around 110 clients. She speaks Hungarian, English and Italian, and she's currently deepening her knowledge in IFRS.

Dewey Hall

Anikó Molnár  ITL Accounting Head of Department Team 1

Born in Hungary in 1978, she studied Economics and Financial Administration. In 1998 she obtained her diploma in Accounting from József Attila University of Szeged, majoring in Business. She also studied Professional Management. She built up her experience in different accountancy firms in Budapest until in 2003 she became a registered accountant. In the following years she covered positions of growing responsibilities until she became Chief Accountant and joined ITL Group, in 2012. Within ITL Accounting she leads one of the two teams of accountants that assist around 110 clients.

Dewey Hall

SZILVIA SchenkITL Real Estate Head of Department

Born in Mohács, Hungary, she graduated in Asset Management and Evaluation of Real Estate from ELTE. Since the beginning of her career she has been focusing in property evaluation and real estate brokerage. Since 2013 she is following a BA in Marketing and Business. In 1998 she started her activity as broker and in 2001 she became a registered Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Evaluator. With a wide experience in selling building and apartments also arising from Bank’s NPL portfolios, she joined ITL Group in 2013. With ITL Real Estate she managed the selling of a number of estates from the portfolios of banks as AXA and CIB.
She is fluent in 4 languages: Hungarian, German, Italian and English

Dewey Hall

GABOR TOLNAI Tax advisor Head of Department

Born in Veszprem, Hungary, in 1976, he graduated from the Faculty of Law of Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Budapest. He has built up his experience in the Tax field working several years for the Hungarian Tax Office in Budapest (NAV), where he was part of the Legal and Coordination Department as a Legal Counsel. In 2010 he joined ITL Group as a lawyer. In 2014 he became Certified Tax Expert and VAT Specialist and consequently Member of the Association of Hungarian Certified Tax Experts. Active part in the structuring of ITL Tax Advisor, a new division of ITL Group, in 2016 he became the head of the newborn department.
Other than been called as a speaker to a number of conferences, he is Counsellor in Tax Legislation at Ministry of National Economy. His specialties are tax law and criminal law/criminal aspects of tax avoidance

Dewey Hall

JUDIT Gráczer  ITL HR Solutions Head of Department

Born in Hungary, she started her studies with a degree in Labour Law & Industrial Relations from the University of Szeged, continuing with a specialization in Talent Management and Acquisition.
Graduated in Human Resource Management from the University of Pécs, in 1993 she started working for a primary Italian dairy company in Hungary, where she gained a 10 years experience, enriched by another decade inside big multinational companies. In 2014 she joined ITL Group becoming soon head of ITL HR Solutions. Certified internal auditor, she’s also an accredited BMC Business & Management Coach, with fluency in Italian, English, German, besides, of course, Hungarian

Dewey Hall


He studied Banking and Corporate Law in the USA at Tennessee University, Knoxville in 1992. He obtained his Hungarian law degree in 1994 at Janus Pannonius University of Pécs Faculty of Law . In Italy, he obtained a master’s degree in the field of banking and finance at Giordano dell’Amore Foundation of Milan in 1995. In 2012 he concluded a postgraduate diploma in European Union Law at King’s College London. In 2014, he furthermore completed a postgraduate course in Insolvency Law at University of Pécs. Recently in 2015 he obtained an LLM degree at the University of London with EU law specialisation . After his bar exam, he began his over twenty years career in 1997 with his own law office in Veszprém. In 2007 he established Lajos Law Firm (LLF) in central Budapest. The firm is working with five lawyers two law clerks and an administrative staff of four people. The main goal of the firm is to handle complicated cases and to become one of the leader law firms in civil and administrative litigation. The law office is partner of ITL Group since 1999

Dewey Hall

LUIGINO BOTTEGA ITL Marketing Head of Department

Born in Italy in 1967, in 1984 he founded his state-of-art communication company which developed innovative solutions for commercials and online communities. Moved to Budapest in 2000, he launched his own event network of companies and joined ITL Group in 2003 setting the birth of ITL Marketing. As the head of Marketing for the consultancy firm, he signed successful projects such as the online magazine and the yearly event Budapest Business Party. Creator of the first web communities ever invented in Italy, he was several times awarded and nominated with the Oscar of the web "Il Premio WWW" by the leading Italian economic newspaper "IlSole 24Ore”

Dewey Hall

 Irene Pepe Editorial Project Manager

Born in Italy in 1987, Irene studied Communication, Entrepreneurship and Marketing. She graduated in Public and Political Communication from the University of Turin, with a specialization in media analysis. She built her career working in various communication sectors, from photography to digital marketing, in various European and non-European countries, before becoming a consultant for ITL Group at the end of 2018. Within ITL Marketing she is responsible for corporate and projects communications besides being Editorial Project Manager for


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